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Harald Eppinger, General Manager, Koh Young Europe GmbHHarald_Eppinger_KohYoung
Harald Eppinger has worked as a(n) General Manager/European Sales Manager, based at the Koh Young Europe GmbH facility in Alzenau, Germany.
Harald Eppinger worked with KYE’s European distributors as they serve Koh Young’s valued customers in the territory. Harald Eppinger is responsible for managing key global accounts, training, and implementing individually-designed solutions for customers’ inspection and process optimization requirements.
Over 20 years of experience in the sales, he is an industry veteran of not only Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) but also total production solution.
Koh Young Europe GmbH
Industriegebiet Sued E4
63755 Alzenau, Germany
+49 6188 99 35 663
Presentation includes the usage of measurement Data for production control. Especially the use of the Ksmart Factory and the real time SPC chart will introduced to give an overview of the advantage by using measurement data. Main focus is here prevention of real errors by showing trends inside production
Experience Efficient Use: High Quality in the high mix/low volume manufacturing based on practice experience and corresponding visualization
For a better understanding of a production environment, you have to deal with the definition of high-mix / low volume.
Because on the one hand it is possible to not only own mooring on the number of pieces.
Loose with 50,100 or 1,000 pieces represent for a minimum quantities but it can be daily quantities for the other Business.
The number of pieces in combination with the complexity provides the actual challenge.
Global competitiveness in Europe and especially in German-speaking countries is based on the very high level of quality of our productions.
The experience in the production of simple to complex assemblies even in the smallest unit numbers was hard work over the years.
Highly qualified staff drawing on their experience and do not work after „I try, something out of principle.“


3D Measurement IPC

KohYoung_Bild1Efficient Real-time Management

It’s the benefit of using 3D measurement data to control the process for paste printing, pick &place system and post reflow applications. How can 3D measurement increase the production by lowering the costs!
Company Profile
Koh Young Technology, Inc., a leading 3D measurement, inspection equipment, and solutions provider, serves wide range of industry leaders’ needs in the global PCB assembly and semiconductor markets, where technology and the markets are driving innovations in diversified fields including smart devices, automotive electronics, telecommunications, military, medical, industrial controls and semiconductors. With more than 8,000 systems installed worldwide, Koh Young Technology maintains 10 consecutive years as the SPI leaders since 2005, and 20% of the total market share in SPI and AOI.
Direct sales and support centers are located in Europe, the United States, Japan, Singapore, China (Dongguan) and Korea.