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Aegis Software

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Aegis Software is the leading provider of innovative software solutions to improve speed, control and visibility throughout manufacturing operations.

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Alpha Assembly Solutions


Alpha is a materials supplier to the electronics assembly, power electronics, die attach, LED lighting, photovoltaics, semiconductor packaging, automotive and other industries. Our breadth of products includes Solder Paste, Solder Preforms, Stencils, Liquid Soldering Flux, Soldering Alloys, Cored Wire, Surface Mount Adhesives, Electronic Cleaners and Sinter Technologies.

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ATEcare Service GmbH & Co. KG


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Christian Koenen GmbH


The Munich-based companies of Christian Koenen are the technological leaders and market leaders in Europe in the manufacture of high-precision metal stencils and precision screens for technical printing. The companies comprise: the parent company Christian Koenen GmbH and the subsidiaries KOENEN GmbH and Christian Koenen KFT. The precision tools are supplied to all areas of electronics manufacture: e.g. SMD technology, thick film, solar, wafer, LTCC. As a result of the continuing miniaturisation of components and the growing mix of components on increasingly smaller surfaces, it is necessary to offer customers a complete package suited for their tasks. This includes process know-how developed over many years, concrete options for analysis, test, optimisation, measurement, documentation and, ultimately, the definition of the optimal printing tool, i. e. metal stencil, precision screen or M-TeCK.

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Ersa GmbH


Ersa is the largest manufacturer of soldering systems worldwide, as well as a market and technology leader. As a systems supplier, Ersa is responsible for trouble-free production processes for its customers, be it hand soldering, stencil printing, rework, inspection or in the field of highly flexible, modular high-end soldering systems.

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Eutect GmbH


EUTECT, the Swabian specialist for modular soldering automation, supports for over 20 years international customers out of the automotive,  consumer electronics, medical technology and alternative energy industries.

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Fuji Machine MFG.(Europe) GmbH


Fuji now looks back on more than 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering and more than 20 years in the field of electronics assembly systems. Thus Fuji became one of the most important suppliers of machines. As a full-line supplier from adhesive dispenser Board handling and paste printers Fuji now offers a total program for all needs. Permanent innovation, guarantee perfection and excellent machines are the basis for the long-term market leadership.

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GPS Technologies GmbH


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Indium Corporation

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Indium Corporation® develops and manufactures materials used primarily in the electronics assembly industry.

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Koh Young Europe GmbH

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Koh Young Technology, Inc., a leading 3D measurement, inspection equipment, and solutions provider, serves wide range of industry leaders’ needs in the global PCB assembly and semiconductor markets, where technology and the markets are driving innovations in diversified fields including smart devices, automotive electronics, telecommunications, military, medical, industrial controls and semiconductors.

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LPKF Laser & Electronics AG


LPKF develops and produces precision machines and technologies for material processing, originally for the production of circuit board prototypes. Today LPKF is one of the world’s leading companies in micromaterial processing with the laser. LPKF laser systems are used in the electronics and automobile industries, in medical and plastics technology and in the production of solar cells.

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Mycronic GmbH


Mycronic is a Swedish high-tech company that has been active in the electronics industry for more than 30 years. Our global organization with subsidiaries, agents and distributors supports industry leaders in more than 50 countries.

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Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH


Rehm Thermal Systems produces energy-efficient manufacturing equipment for the electronics and photovoltaics industry.

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SEHO Systems GmbH


Innovative systems for selective, wave and reflow soldering processes, solutions for automated optical soldering joint inspection, intelligent concepts for board handling and know how.

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SmartTec GmbH


As system vendor for industrial automation and process optimisation in board manufacturing, in addition to its product portfolio of manufacturing equipment, smartTec also offers extensive services, one of which is to adapt and develop software solutions. This led to the development of the innovative smartControl system. smartTec is centrally located in Rodgau near Frankfurt. Since July 2006 the company also has a branch office in in Switzerland. An Austrian sales office was established in 2008. Through the Danish branch of Peter Jordan Nordic A/S, activities were commenced in Scandinavia. Since 2013 it operates under the name smartTec Nordic A/S as a 100% smartTec subsidiary. smartTec’s broad portfolio is divided into three divisions: smartFlexLine, Soldering Competence Center Europe (SCCE) and smartTec.

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Viscom AG


The Viscom AG is one of the world’s leading providers of automatic inspection systems for electronic assemblies. The model range reaches from high-performance 3D AOI systems for inspecting solder paste, placement and solder joints, to inspection systems for MID, wire bond and conformal coating inspections. The X-ray inspection area covers the complete bandwidth from microfocus X-ray tubes through offline inspection islands with µCT function, up to fully automated 3D in-line X-ray inspection. Viscom systems are technologically cutting-edge products and have been successfully applied around the world by well-known companies in the most widely varying branches – reaching from the automotive and electronics industries through aerospace technology, and up to the medical technology and semiconductor industries. With branch offices in Europe, Asia and the USA, as well as a tight network of representatives, Viscom is present around the globe.

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Yamaha Motor Europe IM


Yamaha Motor IM is a subdivision of Yamaha Motor Corporation and has been founded in 1984. Yamaha IM surface mounters are highly acclaimed in the market for their “module concept” that enables them to keep pace with the trend toward smaller and more diverse electric/electronic parts being mounted on circuit boards.

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YXLON International GmbH


YXLON International is the worldwide leading provider of X-ray inspection equipment for industrial applications. Whether operated manually, semi-automatically or on a fully automatic scale, we have the right solution to match nearly every application. For us, the highest priority is placed on quality: the quality of our inspection systems and, as a result, the quality of your products. Our years of experience and the pleasure we take in innovation have enabled us to gain the confidence and trust of the most renowned manufacturers in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industry as well as many other industrial sectors. Since 2007 YXLON International has been a member company of the COMET Holding AG (Suisse).

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ZESTRON Europe … a Business Division of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH


ZESTRON is not only a manufacturer of cleaning media but also a provider of holistic solutions and therefore a guarantor especially for long-term reliable cleaning processes in electronics production.

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ASSCON Systemtechnik Elektronik GmbH


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LaserJob GmbH


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Router Solutions


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SMT Maschinen- und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG


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Stannol GmbH


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Systronic Produktionstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG


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